Where to Buy Suitcases?

Bric's chic Italian luggage - available at Global Luggage

Looking for a smart and suave suitcase for your next business excursion? Or maybe a show-stopping, luxury case is more your thing?

Whatever your travelling persuasion, the perfect luggage is essential for your trip to run smoothly. But where is the best place to buy suitcases? Above all, how do you find your dream style? From shopping online to hitting the luggage stores, our guide is here to help.

Where to Buy Suitcases in London?

From high-end department stores to luxury boutiques, there are hundreds of places to buy suitcases in London. Travellers of all lifestyles are spoilt for choice in the Capital, but shopping for a new suitcase is a touch overwhelming. Due to brand overload and pushy or snobby sale assistants, your exciting shopping trip for a new travel companion can turn from adventure to nightmare in just a few store visits.

Boutique Stores

So where are the best places to buy suitcases in London? If you’re looking for a personalised, friendly service (and who isn’t?) a smaller luggage boutique is your best bet. Global Luggage is a family run, elegant luggage boutique with two conveniently located stores in London’s Mayfair and The Strand. As a result of the company’s 20+ years’ experience in the luggage industry, the staff are warm, approachable and knowledgeable.

Where to buy suitcases in London - Global Luggage

Global Luggage's Store on 97 Strand St.

A simple Google search of ‘Global Luggage’ confirms this and reveals excellent customer reviews for the Strand store. What’s so great about it?

First of all, shoppers consistently praise the helpful customer service, good choice of quality brands and all round enjoyable shopping experience. A breath of fresh air for those looking for luxury products without the snobbish attitude, the boutique manages to combine a high-end shopping experience with a welcoming atmosphere. Is it any wonder Global Luggage is one of London’s premier luggage destinations?

Exceptional Service

Secondly, you don’t even have to visit the shop to benefit from Global Luggage’s exclusive service. Guests staying at Golden Keys Hotels can browse Global Luggage products from the comfort of their own hotel room. You can’t get better service than that. This prestigious service is due to Global Luggage being the only luggage company that is an Associate Member of the Clefs d'Or for Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Consequently, the company has an excellent relationship with London’s finest hotels and concierges.

But, if you can get a chance to visit the stores you really must. Located at The Strand, next to the iconic Savoy Hotel, or in Mayfair on Berkeley Street, the stores fuse a heritage focus with contemporary features and offer a welcoming space to peruse high-quality luggage brands in luxury surroundings.

If you need any help regarding your luggage choice, the well-informed staff will endeavour to match you with your dream suitcase. Finally, if you don’t want to drag your new case through the streets of the Big Smoke, Global Luggage offers the same day London delivery service, which reunites you with your new travel companion in just a few hours.

Where to Buy A Suitcase Online

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More of an online shopper? No problem! There are thousands of luggage retailers on the big old world wide web, but if you think shopping in London for suitcases is overwhelming, try shopping online! The web-o-sphere is cluttered with luggage sellers, with promises of the best service and unbeatable deals. To help clarify the process, check out our suggestions below:


Ahh, the good old internet department stores where you can buy ANYTHING. If you know the exact brand and design of suitcase you’re looking for, these mega-retailers are brilliant. A quick search will pull up plenty of shops selling your desired product, allowing you to shop around for the best deal. However, many of these retailers are unknown and unreliable. How do you know if the product is a fake? Is it easy to return if damaged? Furthermore, how long will delivery take? These are questions that need to be asked. Plus, if you don’t know what suitcase you’re looking for… well, good luck with that!

Brand Websites

Heading straight to a brand’s website is a sure fire way to get the ultimate lowdown on your chosen suitcase. From detailed product descriptions to plenty of photos and videos of the suitcase in action, a brand website is a reliable and simple way to purchase a suitcase online. If you’re not sure on which brand to choose, however, where do you start? It can be extremely time-consuming researching all the best luggage brands and checking each website out individually. Plus, brand websites can be very one-sided and biased!

Boutique Websites

Not sure which suitcase is right for you? Head to a boutique luggage website. These type of stores offer a selection of brands and collections without overwhelming the customer. If you’re looking for premium and luxury luggage, Global Luggage’s website is the ultimate destination. We currently stock a mixture of sought-after brands, from high-end names such as Rimowa and Tumi to unique and cult labels like Stighlorgan and Jekyll & Hide.

The website is built with simplicity in mind and offers easy search options to find your preferred style of bag. Business travel, cabin cases, casual bags – whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Global Luggage.  With free delivery for orders over £100 and 10% off your first purchase (use code EXTRA10 at the checkout) you really can’t go wrong.

How to Choose a Suitcase Online

Shopping online definitely has its benefits. Who doesn’t want to browse from the comfort of their own home with a nice cuppa whilst avoiding the crowds?

The only downfall is not being able to try your purchase out before buying. So how do you know if that suitcase you’ve seen online is right for you? Check out our tips below:

Watch Videos

Want to see your desired suitcase in action? Watch videos on YouTube or social media to see how it performs in real life. Global Luggage features videos of its products on the product page, such as the below Rimowa E-Tag video:

Read Customer Reviews

Reading about what customers have to say about a product help paint a picture of how it would feel to own in real life. They may mention valid points about the suitcase that aren’t covered in the brand’s product description. Many websites feature reviews on their product pages, or you can check websites such as Trust Pilot or travel blogs for independent reviews.

Understand the Company’s Terms of Delivery and Returns

There’s nothing worse than ordering something online and waiting weeks for it to be delivered. When it does come, what happens if it’s damaged or not to your taste? Is it easy to return, or is the process longwinded and at an expense to you? Global Luggage offers plenty of delivery options to suit you, from next day delivery to FREE 1-3 day delivery services (for orders over £100). Plus, returns and exchanges are FREE if you send your item back within 14 days.

Feel more knowledgeable about where to buy suitcases? Whether your shopping instore or online, there are benefits to both. However you decide to make your next suitcase purchase, make sure to visit the Global Luggage website, or London stores at 97 Strand and 32 Berkeley Street for drop-dead gorgeous luggage, excellent customer service and expert advice.