Brand Guarantees

Please note:All information related to product warranties and brand guarantees is the sole responsibility of the brand and is written in accordance with their individual terms and conditions. All content was correct at the time of publication and is regularly updated to ensure the information we have provided is accurate and is in keeping with the current policies of all the brands we feature.

Brand Warranty Details
Brics 5 year warranty All Brics products are manufactured with the most reliable and superior materials. This warranty covers every product for any possible manufacturer defect and material flaws for a period of five years from the date of purchase. If you have a defective product, you must contact the retailer where you purchased the item, with your proof of purchase and they will contact the authorized repair centers on your behalf.
Your second option is to contact Brics customer service, with your proof of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage caused to the product due to negligence, accidents, improper handling, heat exposure, contact with acids or solvents, or damage caused in the course of transportation. When retrieving luggage after a flight or train journey, please check it carefully, and if there has been damage, immediately file a claim with the responsible carrier. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the product which is proven to be defective, not product that has been damaged in the course of handling. The guarantee does not cover possible damages arising as a consequence of a defect of the product. Second choice product is not covered by this warranty.
Briggs & Riley Lifetime warranty Briggs & Riley is committed to developing Briggs & Riley products of superior design, performance and value. We pride ourselves on developing an ongoing, lifelong relationship with you, our consumer and Briggs & Riley spokesperson. Due to our extreme confidence in our products and our insatiable desire to deliver only the highest level of service, we have created the most consumer-friendly guarantee in the travelware industry. If your Briggs & Riley bag is ever broken or damaged, even if it was caused by an airline, we will repair it free of charge - Simple as that! Our "Simple as that®" guarantee will cover the repair of all functional aspects of your Briggs & Riley bag for life. We will continue to repair your bag even if you decide to purchase a new Briggs & Riley product with the latest performance innovations. Naturally, our warranty does not cover cosmetic wear or cleaning, nor does it cover the replacement of lost or stolen bags and/or its content. Due to the nature of certain types of repairs and normal wear and tear, it is not always possible to return your bag to its original condition.
C6 6 months warranty "Goods are faulty if they are received damaged or where a manufacturing fault occurs within six months of purchase. Please note that items that are damaged as a result of normal wear and tear are not considered to be faulty. If you would like to exchange a faulty item (instead of obtaining a refund), please be aware that we can only replace it for the same product in the same size, subject to availability. Where possible, we will offer to repair faulty items. If it cannot be repaired or the same product is not available, you are entitled to a full refund."
Eastpak Up to 30 years of warranty EASTPAK guarantees its products against possible defects in materials and workmanship it offers a standard warranty of 30 years on all regular products (packs, bags and luggage). Where such defects occur EASTPAK will repair or replace the item in question. The 30 year warranty does not include certain 'special' products, such as those made of a limited edition 'fashion' fabric or construct; these come with a 2 year warranty. If you are not sure which warranty is the right one for your EASTPAK please check the hangtag that comes on your bag at purchase, this will clearly state the relevant warranty term.
Ecoalf Warranty on request Ecoalf guarantees its product against faulty workmanship and/or defective materials however warranty claims are treated on a case by case basis. You will be requested to provide evidence of the defect.
Herschel Supply Co. 1 year warranty "Herschel Supply Co. offers a limited one-year warranty that guarantees all products to be free of defects in material and workmanship starting on the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. Herschel Supply Co. will replace any products found to be defective within the range of common and everyday use. Our warranty does not apply to damage caused by accidents and/or wear and tear. Our only responsibility shall be limited to the refund or replacement of the defective product. The limited one-year warranty only applies to products that have been purchased from authorized Herschel Supply Co. retailers. All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt. Warranty is automatically voided if any modification, change or alteration has been made to the product. Modifications include but are not limited to embroidery or iron on patches. When filing a warranty claim directly through Herschel Supply Co., please submit high quality photos and a clear description of the defect."
Jekyll & Hide 2 year warranty 2 Year Guarantee against faulty workmanship and/or faulty components. Does not cover accidental damage or deterioration due to fair wear and tear and does not cover the contents. This guarantee does not cover destructive handling by airlines/other carriers. Please kindly inspect the luggage on receipt and if damaged immediately lodge a claim with the carrier concerned.
Knomo 2 Year Warranty Knomo warrants to the original purchaser that its products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is limited to the value of the product and is available to the original purchaser of the goods only. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse or neglect, accidents, normal wear and tear, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, or damage by common carrier. The warranty specifically excludes any claims for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the product. The warranty commences on the day of purchase NOT the date that the product is registered on the website. Any defects in materials or workmanship notified to us after expiry of the guarantee period are not covered by this warranty. We would be happy to help you try to repair any defects, but these repairs would be subject to charge. Please email with high quality pictures of the bag.
Lulu Guinness 5 year warranty 5 Year Guarantee against faulty workmanship and/or faulty components including zips, handles, studs & rivets. Does not cover accidental damage or deterioration due to fair wear and tear and does not cover the contents. This guarantee does not cover destructive handling by airlines/other carriers. Please kindly inspect the luggage on receipt and if damaged immediately lodge a claim with the carrier concerned.
Piquadro Up to 36 months of warranty Piquadro offers its retail customers a 24 month warranty on its products for any material or production defects. The warranty will be extended for 36 months if you have completed registration with Piquadro Club, filling out all parts and signing and returning the form that is included in the item label. Registration can also be done online on the Piquadro website in the My Piquadro section. Remember to authorize use of your personal data. Even though Piquadro products are made according to rigorous quality standards and with the highest quality materials, they are not indestructible. The warranty does not cover damage caused by mistreatment, accidents, abrasions, water, solvents, use or damages caused by carriers. The warranty also does not cover accidental damage such as breakage or loss of the contents of a bag, loss of usage or time or other similar costs.
Quindici 5 year warranty "5-year guarantee on travel and business luggage worldwide. RIMOWA provides a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee on the product you purchase in accordance with the conditions below for the first purchaser or person receiving the product as a present, starting with the purchase date (guarantee period) This guarantee only applies if the usability of the product is considerably adversely affected by a material or manufacturing fault already present at the time of hand-over (defect). This guarantee does not apply, however, if the usability is restricted by abrasion, improper use or externally occurring forces (particularly flight or transport damage, e.g. deformation, cracks, body breakages, scratches wear etc.) or by liquids (please observe the care instructions attached below). We recommend having the product inspected by a third party immediately after retrieval from transport handling and immediately reporting any damage to the carrier (e.g. airline or railway company) who is insured against this."
Samsonite 5/10 year limited warranty A 10 year warranty covers the Cosmolite and Firelite ranges. A 5 year warranty covers the B-lite, Termo Young and S'cure ranges. These warranties covers only manufacturing defects and do not cover any damage caused by misuse (such as transportation of unusual items), neglect, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, normal wear and tear or transport damage (by airlines for example). While non-warranty maintenance or repairs on your product can be performed by any company, Samsonite requires that you use only an approved Samsonite service center for warranty repairs. Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs void this warranty.
Steamline Luggage 1 year warranty Steamline Luggage guarantees its product against faulty workmanship and/or faulty components up to 1 year from the time of purchase.
Victorinox 10 year and Lifetime warranty All warranties only cover manufacturing defects but do not cover wear & tear or cosmetic damage. Warranties by collection: Accessories 3.0, Werks Traveler 4.0 and CH97 2.0 - Lifetime Warranty. Altmont 3.0 - 10 year warranty.
Zatchels Lifetime Guarantee The Lifetime Guarantee covers anything that stops you being able to use your bag as a bag. A broken attachment that stops you doing the bag up is covered, whereas one that is showing wear from hundreds of openings and closings is not. Rivets coming out, straps or attachments breaking are all covered. The Lifetime Guarantee does not cover cosmetic wear to the leather of the bag or the surface treatment of the leather. Some of our bags that have a surface finish such as a metallic foil or cracked surface will wear over time, changing the look of the bag. This wear is cosmetic and does not affect the integrity of the bag itself so is not covered by the guarantee. It also does not cover any damage to the bag as a result of misuse or water damage. As all of our bags are made from genuine leather it is important to protect the surface with a waterproofer and avoid the bag getting excessively wet. Using the bag while the leather is wet may lead to extensive damage to the leather itself. Similarly if you spill paint on your bag or your dog chews a hole in it we won’t be able to help.